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Hiking the Faroe Islands


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The incredibly isolated Faroe Islands, halfway between Scotland and Iceland, are a breathtaking archipelago of soaring sea cliffs, cozy harbor villages, and famously shaggy sheep. We&#39;ll hike airy ridge trails above narrow fjords, along sea cliffs, above the ethereal hanging lake of S&oslash;rv&aacute;gsvatn, and to Vidoy for incredible panoramas over the five northernmost Faroese islands. As we explore, we&#39;ll be welcomed into homes, watch traditional Faroese dancing (derived from medieval ring dances), and enjoy a round of beers at the islands&#39; oldest brewery. The seafood here is hook-to-table fresh, and we&#39;ll savor meals in the company of knitters, chefs, and artists as we experience the genuine culture of the Faroes.<\/p>","Long_Description":"

Set in the North Atlantic halfway between Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands are remote and absolutely breathtaking. This otherworldly landscape has mountaintops wreathed in clouds, soaring cliffs plunging over 2,000 feet into the ocean, and emerald moorlands rising from valleys painted with bright-colored villages and ringed by black-sand beaches. On this cultural and hiking adventure, we pair wonderful hikes with the welcoming Faroese people for an unforgettable journey in the &#8220;Land of Maybe.&#8221; On Mykines and the Vestmanna sea cliffs, we&#39;ll witness the unforgettable sight of thousands of nesting seabirds, including puffins, soaring along the edge of cliffs. Our hikes bring us across wild, grassy hillsides alongside the hardy sheep that outnumber the human residents 2:1, and we&#39;ll walk in the footsteps of postmen who had to cross rolling these mountains to deliver the mail. We&#39;ll hike the high pastures of Ambadalur above the charming village of Gj&oacute;gv, visit turf-roofed houses on our hike from Saksun to Tj&oslash;rnuv&iacute;k, and savor tasty traditional waffles when we arrive in this charming village. Our meals include outrageously fresh fish, and we'll have the chance to sample lots of traditional Faroese cuisine and drink beer from the island&#39;s oldest brewery. In T&oacute;rshavn, Europe&#39;s smallest capital (and with a great food scene), we&#39;ll wander past the colorful wooden buildings of Old Town and explore the lively marina where local fishermen sell their day&#39;s catch. Our overnight bases between hikes are in cozy hotels and a charming guesthouse where we&#39;ll get to experience traditional Faroese singing and unique chain dancing. Along the way, you&#39;ll be entertained with island legends and Viking history, and spend time with knitters, cooks, beer makers, artists, and farmers&mdash;all of whom have a story to share in this delightful archipelago.<\/p>","ActivityHighlight":"6 hiking days on moderate to strenuous trails, some steep sections, 2-4 hours most days, van support (for luggage or if you wish to skip a day's hike). This is a strenuous hiking trip, read &#8220;What the Trip is Like&#8221; for more details.","TripType":"Small Group Adventure","HeaderImage":"","HeaderImageAltTag":"","ThumbnailImage":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/thumb-HIKEFARO-gasadalur-mulafossur-waterfall-faroe-islands.jpg","MapImage":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/hikefaro-map.jpg","MapImageAltTag":"","FloatingImage":"","VideoLink":"","GroupSize":"","tripURL":"\/trip\/Denmark\/hiking-faroe-islands","ThisYear_Year":"2023","ThisYear_PriceDetails":"

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\nHiking Details:4.5 miles, 3 hours, 1,200 feet ascent\/descent","Breakfast":0,"Lunch":0,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":false},{"DayFrom":2,"DayTo":2,"Headline":"Mykines Island \/ The Postman&apos;s Walk","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"Stretching out in a spine of glorious bluffs and sheer cliff faces, Mykines is the most westerly island of the Faroes, and a photographer&apos;s and ornithologist&apos;s paradise. Weather permitting, we&apos;ll boat to the island, walking through the colorful fishermen&apos;s village with its grass-roofed houses and have a chance to spend some time with the permanent residents&mdash;puffins! Our hike leads us up the moorlands where thousands of bright-colored puffins soar through the air, preen on grassy tussocks, and stand on the cliff edges ready to launch themselves out to sea. Our hike then crosses the narrow cable known as the &ldquo;Bridge over the Atlantic&rdquo; to Mykines H&oacute;lmur, where sheep graze on the lush guano-manured grass, and brings us to a red-topped lighthouse that dominates the western end of the island. Built in 1909, the lighthouse was run by three lighthouse keepers who lived on this isolated spot with their families. From this vantage point, you can see gannets nesting on the southern sea stacks before we circle back to the village via the northern cliff line.\r\n\r\nIf the weather is unsuitable for the boat ride to Mykines, we&apos;ll hike the Postman&apos;s Walk, where the postman traversed the mountain between B&oslash;ur and G&aacute;sadalur&mdash;the only route connecting the two villages&mdash;three times a week until a tunnel through the mountain was constructed in 1993. The path takes a zigzag route upwards, revealing sweeping views of the giant sea stacks at Dranganir and distant Mykines. Other villagers used this walk, carrying coffins over the mountain from G&aacute;sadalur to be buried in B&oslash;ur. We&apos;ll pass &ldquo;the body stone&rdquo; where coffins could safely be put down so the bearers could have a well-deserved rest from their toil. Arriving at the crest of the hill, we&apos;ll see the verdant hanging valley below, with its colorful collection of houses sitting above the Dalsa River that plummets down the cliff face 300 feet into the Atlantic. It is absolutely stunning and one of the iconic sights of the Faroe Island. In G&aacute;sadalur, we&apos;ll enjoy a warm drink in a local home before continuing on to the War Museum in Mi&eth;v&aacute;gur and learn about the strategic importance of the Faroe Islands during World War II. Before dinner in a cafe set within an old family home, we'll head out to M&uacute;lafossur Viewpoint to catch a glimpse of one of the Faroes&apos; most famous waterfalls. Overnight at Hotel F&oslash;royar.\r\nHiking Details (Option 1): 3 miles, 4 hours, 700 feet ascent\/descent\r\n(Option 2): 3.5 miles, 3 hours, 1,200 feet ascent, 1,400 feet descent\r\nTransportation Time (Option 1): 2 hours by boat\r\nDriving Time (Either Option): 1.5 hours","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":false},{"DayFrom":3,"DayTo":3,"Headline":"Vestmanna Sea Cliffs \/ Eysturoy Hike","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"A tunnel 300 feet under the Sound of Vestmanna brings us to Stremoy, the largest island of the Faroes. We&apos;ll visit the old town of Kv&iacute;v&iacute;k, where excavations have revealed the remains of Viking longhouses, then boat out to the Vestmanna sea cliffs, which soar 1,000 feet above sea level, for fantastic wildlife viewing. Wind and weather have sculpted these dark, volcanic rocks into columns of craggy arches, sea stacks, and grottos, and they are home to thousands of nesting birds including guillemots and razorbills&mdash;not to mention hundreds of daring sheep that feed on near-vertical grassy patches along the cliff face. Gj&aacute;argar&eth;ur Guesthouse in the quaint village of Gj&oacute;gv on the island of Eysturoy is our charming accommodation for the next three nights. Named after a deep cleft in the coastal rock, Gj&oacute;gv is situated in one of the island&apos;s most peaceful and enchanting settings. From the back door of our guesthouse, a steep and rugged hike takes us from the \"infields,\" where the sheep are kept in winter, through the \"outfields\" (the source of our baseball terms!) with views overlooking Ambadaldur, where skuas wheel overhead and hundreds of birds nest in cliffs. With high mountains on two sides, and the ocean and a sweeping u-shaped glacial valley on the others, this spot feels far away from the cares of the world. For the ambitious hikers, you can opt to hike to the top of Ambadaldur as well. The family-run guesthouse with Scandinavian-style rooms is a welcoming home base.\r\nHiking Details: 3 miles, 3 hours, 1,500 feet ascent\/descent\r\nTransportation Time: 2 hours by boat, 1.5 hours by van","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":false},{"DayFrom":4,"DayTo":4,"Headline":"Ei&eth;i Village \/ Hiking on Ei&eth;iskollur and Sl&aelig;ttaratindur","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"A short drive to Ei&eth;i, a small village arcing along the northwest tip of Eysturoy, brings us to the church that dates back to 1881, where we will be met by local artist Sigrun Gunnarsdottir. Sigrun was born in Ei&eth;i and trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts before returning to Ei&eth;i. She&apos;ll share the story of the recent interior restoration project of the church, which she helped coordinate (and paint). We'll also be welcomed to see her light-filled studio that looks across the water towards Sl&aelig;ttaratindur (2,893&apos;), the highest mountain in the Faroes that towers over the hills and valleys below.\r\n\r\nFrom Sigun&apos;s door, we&apos;ll hike up nearby Ei&eth;iskollur and hear stories and legends from the land including that of Risin和Kellingin. These two most famous Faroese sea stacks are said to be the remains of a giant and giantess who came at night to drag the Faroes to Iceland. However, the sun rose before they could finish and they were turned to stone by the light. From just over 1,000 feet, we&apos;ll look down at the waters crashing against the feet of these sleeping giants before descending back to Ei&eth;i for lunch in a nearby caf&eacute;. Weather permitting, we&apos;ll also climb Sl&aelig;ttaratindur. Translated to &ldquo;flat peak,&rdquo; Sl&aelig;ttaratindur&apos;s peak is so level that it&apos;s said that Faroese chain dancing (a medieval circle dance) can be done on the summit. The climb is strenuous, up a steep grassy slope, but rewards those who make it to the top with serene views. This evening, we'll trade in our hiking boots for dancing shoes as we enjoy a folkloric celebration with traditional Faroese chain dancing and song. Overnight at Gj&oacute;gv.\r\nHiking Details (Option 1): 5 miles, 5.5 hours, 3,000 feet ascent\/descent\r\n(Option 2): 8.5 miles, 5 hours, 1,700 feet ascent\/descent\r\nTransportation Time (Option 2): 1.5 hours by van","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":false},{"DayFrom":5,"DayTo":5,"Headline":"Morning Hike \/ F&ouml;roya Bj&oacute;r Brewery \/ Bor&eth;oy and Vi&eth;oy Islands","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"Weather depending, our hike this morning will be an off-trail excursion to the hanging valley, Dalur, revealing dramatic views of nearby islands, or a ramble up Villingardalsfjall&apos;s steep mountain slopes. Once at the top, we may see the most remote islands of the Faroes: Fugloy and Sv&iacute;noy, where a mere 40 people live. Later, we head back into Klaksv&iacute;k for a relaxing afternoon. We'll enjoy lunch at a favorite local restaurant, Fr&iacute;&eth;a Kaffihus, where we'll sample Faroese tapas such as smoked mussels and salmon with rhubarb. An old Faroese proverb says: &ldquo;Ull er F&oslash;roya gull,&rdquo; or &ldquo;Wool is the gold of the Faroe Islands.&rdquo; Sheep have been a source of food and clothing since the time of the early Viking settlers&mdash;today they still outnumber the Faroese people 2:1. You can be sure where there&apos;s a lot of sheep, there will be a lot of wool&mdash;and fantastic woolen knits. Known for centuries for the quality of knitting, Faroese take great pride in their wool clothing and crafts, and we&apos;ll get a chance to shop for them in the local wool store.&nbsp;\r\n\r\nThere are two breweries in the Faroes, and we&apos;ll visit F&ouml;roya Bj&oacute;r, the oldest brewery in the Faroes, located in Klaksv&iacute;k, Bor&eth;oy. Established in 1888 and still family-owned, F&ouml;roya Bj&oacute;r produces most of the beer on the islands. Using imported hops from Denmark, they brew a selection of European-style pilsners such as their famous &ldquo;Ram&rdquo; beer, and if you&apos;re feeling more adventurous, try &ldquo;Black Sheep,&rdquo; a dark all-malt lager. At 5.8% volume, it&apos;s packed with a full complex flavor. Tonight&apos;s dinner will be in a local family's home, with traditional dishes including items from their garden. Overnight at Gj&oacute;gv.\r\nHiking Details: 3 miles, 3 hours, 1,200 feet ascent\/descent\r\nTransportation Time: 2.5 hours","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":false},{"DayFrom":6,"DayTo":6,"Headline":"Hike Saksun to Tj&oslash;rnuvik \/ T&oacute;rshavn","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"Lush green valleys crowned with mist lead us to Saksun on the island of Streymoy. This picturesque hamlet of grass-roofed houses with its small white church sits surrounded by high mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and a sandy lagoon, giving the whole area a mystical feel. Our hike follows the old church &#8220;coffin route&#8221; to Tj&oslash;rnuv&iacute;k, traversing the side of a mountain to a saddle between the two bays. We&rsquo;ll keep an eye out for purple and starry saxifrage growing in areas that sheep are unable to nibble, and tiny yellow tormentil as we descend through the green fields right into the village. Sitting in a glacial circular valley, Tj&oslash;rnuv&iacute;k's brightly-colored houses contrast beautifully against the jade-colored landscape, while the views face the rock giants of Risin和Kellingin. In the late afternoon, we'll drive to\nT&oacute;rshavn,the Faroe Islands' capital and the smallest capital in Europe&mdash;just 20,000 inhabitants. Dinner is on your own this evening. Overnight at hotel.\nHiking Details: 4.5 miles, 3.5 hours, 1,700 feet ascent\/descent\nTransportation Time: 1.5 hours","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":0,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":false},{"DayFrom":7,"DayTo":7,"Headline":"Hike Kirkjub&oslash;ur \/ T&oacute;rshavn","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"Our final hike brings us to Kirkjub&oslash;ur, one of the oldest settlements in the islands. A gentle climb brings us to a high moorland past grazing sheep, and we'll revel in the expansive views of Hestur and Sandoy islands. In Kirkjub&oslash;ur, we&apos;ll see the whitewashed church, dedicated to St. Olav, the island&apos;s patron saint. Behind the church stand the bulky ruins of St. Magnus, a medieval gothic cathedral built in the 14th century, which was once the center of religious power in the Faroes. We'll be welcomed into Kirkjub&oslash;argar&eth;ur, the turf-roofed 11th century farmhouse, the oldest inhabited house in Europe and once the Bishop&apos;s residence. The Pattursson family has lived here for 17 generations, and today&apos;s custodian, Joannes Pattursson, will share the history of his home as we enjoy a cup of tea and home-baked cake. Back in T&oacute;rshavn, the afternoon is at your leisure to explore this tiny, yet vibrant city. Join a walking tour of the Old Town visiting the wooden, turf-roofed government buildings of Tinganes, the remains of Sanskin Fort, which once defended the important harbor, and wander through the narrow old streets lined with multi-colored wooden houses. Or, simply relax with a coffee or beer at one of the caf&eacute;s overlooking the lively little marina and soak up the city&apos;s easy-going feel. For our Farewell Dinner, we&apos;ll make our way to Velbasta&eth;ur, where Anna and Oli Rubeksen will host us in their family home for a delightful evening of traditional fare. They use many ingredients produced locally and on their farm, accompanied by local beers and maybe even a taste of Faroese schnapps to round off our adventure. Overnight at hotel.\r\nHiking Details: 3.5 miles, 2 hours, 200 feet ascent, 800 feet descent\r\nTransportation Time: 1 hour","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":1,"Dinner":1,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":false},{"DayFrom":8,"DayTo":8,"Headline":"Depart","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"We bid farewell and transfer to V&aacute;gar Island (45 minutes) for homeward-bound flights or choose to extend your adventure in Europe.\r\n\r\nAdd to your journey with a few days in Iceland, or continue on to Europe. There are daily flights from Iceland to the Faroes; plan a few days in Reykjav&iacute;k or out in the surreal landscape of Iceland. You can also just unwind from jetlag with an overnight stay at the Blue Lagoon, right near the international airport in Keflav&iacute;k, Iceland. We can help with hotel suggestions if you are interested. There are also flights to and from Edinburgh, Scotland (the schedule is limited to just a few days a week, though), if you&apos;d like to extend your trip to include Scotland. Daily flights to and from Copenhagen make all of Europe easily accessible as well.","Breakfast":1,"Lunch":0,"Dinner":0,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":false},{"DayFrom":1,"DayTo":2,"Headline":"V&aacute;gar Island \/ Mykines Island","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"On V&aacute;gar, we hike to the stupendous cliffs at Traelan&iacute;pa to view S&oslash;rv&aacute;gsvatn, a breathtaking clifftop lake that seems suspended in the sky. A spectacular cruise below Faroese rock formations brings us to Mykines Island, stretching out in a spine of glorious bluffs and sheer cliff faces. It is the most westerly island of the Faroes and a photographer&#39;s and ornithologist&#39;s paradise. We&#39;ll walk through its turf-roofed village and hike to a teeming puffin colony.","Breakfast":0,"Lunch":0,"Dinner":0,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":true},{"DayFrom":3,"DayTo":4,"Headline":"Vestmanna Cliffs \/ Eysturoy Island","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"The thousand-foot high Vestmanna cliffs are sculpted into craggy arches and grottos that are home to thousands of seabirds including guillemots and razorbills&mdash;and daring sheep that graze on the edges. We&apos;ll boat below these cliffs, and on Eysturoy, meet a local artist at her studio, then hike up nearby Ei&eth;iskollur for panoramas of two towering sea stacks, Risin和Kellingin, said to be the remains of a giant and giantess.","Breakfast":0,"Lunch":0,"Dinner":0,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":true},{"DayFrom":5,"DayTo":6,"Headline":"Bordoy and Vidoy Islands \/ Faroese Dancing","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"On Bordoy, we visit the oldest brewery in the Faroes, and on Vidoy, our hike brings epic views of the northernmost edges of the archipelago and the wild Norwegian Sea stretching toward the Arctic. One evening, we&apos;ll have a dinner complete with Faroese dance and song.","Breakfast":0,"Lunch":0,"Dinner":0,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":true},{"DayFrom":7,"DayTo":8,"Headline":"T&oacute;rshavn","ActivityOverview":"","EstimatedLength":"","ActivityLevel":"","ItinBlock":"We explore T&oacute;rshavn&apos;s Old Town, with its turf-roofed buildings, and enjoy dinner in a family home with ingredients fresh from the farm&mdash;and of course, local Faroese schnapps. Depart on Day 8 via S&oslash;rv&aacute;gur.","Breakfast":0,"Lunch":0,"Dinner":0,"Overnight":"","Travel_Type":"","Quotation":"","Quotation_Attribution":"","Itinerary_Location":"","Latitude":"","Longitude":"","Brief":true}],"itinpdf":[{"ItinYear":"2023","docType":"1","FileName":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/portal\/hiking-the-faroe-islands-itinerary-2023.pdf"},{"ItinYear":"2024","docType":"1","FileName":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/portal\/hiking-the-faroe-islands-itinerary-2024.pdf"},{"ItinYear":"","docType":"2","FileName":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/portal\/hiking-the-faroe-islands-predeparture.pdf"}],"whattoexpect":[{}],"highlights":[{"DisplayOrder":1,"HighlightText":"","Description":"Discover the Faroes&apos; stunning coastal hikes and rich seafaring heritage","Image":"","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":27723,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":2,"HighlightText":"","Description":"Sample Faroese cuisine, including superb fresh-caught fish","Image":"","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":27723,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":3,"HighlightText":"","Description":"Sip beer at the oldest brewery on the islands","Image":"","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":27723,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":4,"HighlightText":"","Description":"Meet artisans, dine with local families","Image":"","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":27723,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":5,"HighlightText":"","Description":"Enjoy welcoming hotels and guesthouses&mdash;some hikes start right from the front door!","Image":"","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":27723,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":10,"HighlightText":"","Description":"10-HIKEFARO-gasadalur-mulafossur-waterfall-faroe-islands.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/10-HIKEFARO-gasadalur-mulafossur-waterfall-faroe-islands.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10855,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":11,"HighlightText":"","Description":"23-HIKEFARO-hiking-tour-faroese-village-church-faroe-islands.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/23-HIKEFARO-hiking-tour-faroese-village-church-faroe-islands.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10868,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":12,"HighlightText":"","Description":"12-HIKEFARO-trekking-to-sorvagsvatn-lake-vagar-faroes.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/12-HIKEFARO-trekking-to-sorvagsvatn-lake-vagar-faroes.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10857,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":13,"HighlightText":"","Description":"13-HIKEFARO-faroese-traditional-dress.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/13-HIKEFARO-faroese-traditional-dress.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10858,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":14,"HighlightText":"","Description":"14-HIKEFARO-mykines-grass-roofed-houses-azores.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/14-HIKEFARO-mykines-grass-roofed-houses-azores.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10859,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":15,"HighlightText":"","Description":"15-HIKEFARO-tourist-photographing-atlantic-puffin-faroe-islands.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/15-HIKEFARO-tourist-photographing-atlantic-puffin-faroe-islands.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10860,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":16,"HighlightText":"","Description":"16-HIKEFARO-faroe-islands-denmark-torshavn-port.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/16-HIKEFARO-faroe-islands-denmark-torshavn-port.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10861,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":17,"HighlightText":"","Description":"17-HIKEFARO-birdwatching-faroe-islands-shag-birds-wildlife.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/17-HIKEFARO-birdwatching-faroe-islands-shag-birds-wildlife.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10862,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":18,"HighlightText":"","Description":"18-HIKEFARO-gasadalur-mulafossur-waterfall-faroe-coastline-denmark.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/18-HIKEFARO-gasadalur-mulafossur-waterfall-faroe-coastline-denmark.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10863,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":19,"HighlightText":"","Description":"19-HIKEFARO-sigrun-gunnarsdottir-local-artist-faroe-islands.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/19-HIKEFARO-sigrun-gunnarsdottir-local-artist-faroe-islands.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10864,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":20,"HighlightText":"","Description":"20-HIKEFARO-faroese-sheep-farmer.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/20-HIKEFARO-faroese-sheep-farmer.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10865,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":21,"HighlightText":"","Description":"21-HIKEFARO-hiking-coastal-kirkjubour-faroe-islands.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/21-HIKEFARO-hiking-coastal-kirkjubour-faroe-islands.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10866,"caption":""},{"DisplayOrder":22,"HighlightText":"","Description":"22-HIKEFARO-faroese-musicians-performance-faroe-islands-cultural-experience.jpg","Image":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/trips\/22-HIKEFARO-faroese-musicians-performance-faroe-islands-cultural-experience.jpg","VideoLink":"","ImageAltTag":"","image_id":10867,"caption":""}],"weather":[{}],"accommodations":[{"VendorID":72073,"Day_Number":1,"Sequence":10,"Duration":2,"Description":"Standard Room","VendorName":"Hotel V&aacute;gar","CustomFields":{"Custom_slug":"hotel-vagar","Custom_Location":"S&#248;rv&#225;gur, Faroe Islands"}},{"VendorID":72074,"Day_Number":3,"Sequence":10,"Duration":3,"Description":"Standard Room","VendorName":"Gj&aacute;argar&eth;ur Guesthouse","CustomFields":{"Custom_slug":"gjaargarour-guesthouse","Custom_Location":"Gj&#243;gv, Faroe Islands"}},{"VendorID":72075,"Day_Number":6,"Sequence":10,"Duration":2,"Description":"Standard Room","VendorName":"Hotel Hafnia","CustomFields":{"Custom_slug":"hotel-hafnia","Custom_Location":"T&#243;rshavn, Faroe Islands"}},{"VendorID":73055,"Day_Number":6,"Sequence":11,"Duration":2,"Description":"Standard Room","VendorName":"Hotel Brandan","CustomFields":{"Custom_slug":"hotel-brandan-faroe","Custom_Location":"T&oacute;rshavn, Faroe Islands"}}],"inclusions":[{"DisplaySequence":1,"Type":"E","Description":"Travel to and from the arrival and departure location as indicated in Detailed Itinerary","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":2,"Type":"E","Description":"Additional hotel nights outside the trip's scheduled dates","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":3,"Type":"E","Description":"Optional gratuities to Trip Leaders or staff","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":4,"Type":"E","Description":"Optional travel insurance","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":5,"Type":"E","Description":"Other expenses of a personal nature (some alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.)","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":1,"Type":"I","Description":"Expert leadership of a Wilderness Travel Trip Leader and local guides","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":2,"Type":"I","Description":"Accommodations in hotels and guesthouses","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":3,"Type":"I","Description":"All meals included except 1 dinner as indicated in Detailed Itinerary","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":4,"Type":"I","Description":"A glass of wine or beer with dinner","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":5,"Type":"I","Description":"All ground transportation and baggage handling from meeting until departure","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""},{"DisplaySequence":6,"Type":"I","Description":"All activities as indicated in Detailed Itinerary","Highlight":0,"AdditionalText":"","Category":"","ProductType":0,"ImagePath":"","ImageAltTag":""}],"destinations":[{"DestinationID":175,"Name":"Denmark","Type":"Country"},{"DestinationID":46,"Name":"Europe","Type":"Region"},{"DestinationID":252,"Name":"Faroe Islands"}],"activities":[{"ActivityID":225,"Name":"Hiking & Trekking","Primary":0}],"guides":[{"GuideID":851204,"First_Name":"Angela","Last_Name":"Gillespie","BioShort":"Based in a small fishing village in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, Angela has been leading travelers on adventures for more than 28 years. She has guided in parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, the US, and Canada, but spends the bulk of her summers guiding on mountain and coastal trails in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and Shetland. She dons her snow skis in the winter months working as a ski instructor in the French and Swiss Alps. Her personal journeys have taken her on a month-long skiing expedition in Greenland, to the snowy peaks of the Lofoten Islands in Norway, and on a sailing adventure from Menorca to Valencia, to name a few. She has a son and a grandson&mdash;her newest skiing and mountaineering companion.","BioLong":"Based in a small fishing village in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, Angela has been leading travelers on adventures for more than 28 years. She has guided in parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, the US, and Canada, but spends the bulk of her summers guiding on mountain and coastal trails in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and the Shetland Islands. &ldquo;I immensely enjoy showing off these wonderful landscapes and wholly individual cultures to our guests. Each visit gives me a new and deeper insight into life in these special places and I am very lucky to be able to share that.&rdquo; Angela dons her snow skis in the winter months to work as a ski instructor in the French and Swiss Alps. Her personal journeys have taken her on a month-long skiing expedition in Greenland, to the snowy peaks of the Lofoten Islands in Norway, and on a sailing adventure from Minorca to Valencia, to name a few. She has a son and a grandson&mdash;her newest skiing and mountaineering companion. &ldquo;All in all I am a very happy nomad!&rdquo;"},{"GuideID":851148,"First_Name":"Per","Last_Name":"Hansen","BioShort":"Per Hansen was born and raised in the capital of the Faroe Islands, T&oacute;rshavn. For 20 years, he worked at the National Faroese Tourist Board as head of destination development, and in 2012 he decided to work as a guide, welcoming travelers to his home country. Per has traveled to almost every corner in the island group and loves to hike. He is passionate sharing the history, culture, geology as well as daily life of the Faroese, and has an answer to almost everything you might want to know about these fascinating islands.","BioLong":"Per Hansen was born and raised in the capital of the Faroe Islands, T&oacute;rshavn. For 20 years, he worked at the National Faroese Tourist Board as head of destination development, and in 2012 he decided to work as a guide, welcoming travelers to his home country. Per has traveled to almost every corner in the island group and loves to hike. He is passionate sharing the history, culture, geology as well as daily life of the Faroese, and has an answer to almost everything you might want to know about these fascinating islands."}],"guestreviews":[{"GuestNames":"Anne C.","GuestLocation":"Altamonte Springs, FL","GuestReview":"A fantastic hiking\/cultural experience in a uniquely beautiful island group!"},{"GuestNames":"Eleanor H.","GuestLocation":"W Montrose, Ontario","GuestReview":"Skye's skill in identifying places and people ensured a wonderful balance of hiking, cultural experiences, and time in the homes of Faroese people. We had access to very unique places and met people who added their personal perspectives to life in the Faroes."},{"GuestNames":"Gay T.","GuestLocation":"Fort Myers, FL","GuestReview":"I've wanted to hike in the Faroe Islands for more than 20 years and was glad that Wilderness offered the trip. There was spectacular scenery, great accommodations, and a guide who cared about our experiences&#8212;in towns, beautiful churches, and the arts. We had two gatherings in private homes and the Faroese were so welcoming. I would highly recommend the trip to anyone."},{"GuestNames":"Julie S.","GuestLocation":"Emporia, KS","GuestReview":"The hiking was excellent, but I really enjoyed the home visits also. It was a unique way to experience local culture."},{"GuestNames":"Linda K.","GuestLocation":"Saratoga Springs, NY","GuestReview":"This trip was wonderful. The islands are stunning, with incredibly dramatic scenery and weather. The birds, especially the puffins and oystercatchers, were amazing. The hikes were lovely, not too strenuous and appropriate for the group traveling."},{"GuestNames":"Lynne R.","GuestLocation":"Larkspur, CA","GuestReview":"One of the best trips I've been on. The Faroes are magnificent to behold, the hiking was fabulous, and the views were jaw dropping stupendous."},{"GuestNames":"Mary C.","GuestLocation":"Earlham, IA","GuestReview":"Loved the home visits with locals for tea, post-hike snacks, lunch and dinner. Unique experiences!"},{"GuestNames":"Ruby S.","GuestLocation":"Vancouver, BC","GuestReview":"I enjoyed this trip so much that I almost cried when it was over. With our leader, there was NEVER a dull moment."},{"GuestNames":"Sandra C.","GuestLocation":"Seattle, WA","GuestReview":"A well-designed itinerary with a wonderful mix of hiking and cultural experiences. The cultural interactions with local residents were one of the high points of the trip. The hikes were very scenic, historic, and enjoyable."},{"GuestNames":"Sandy J.","GuestLocation":"Irvine, CA","GuestReview":"This trip was a wonderful introduction to the beauty of the Faroe Islands and the culture and history of the Faroese. The people we met generously offered us their hospitality, culture, history, and personal stories."},{"GuestNames":"Sarah L.","GuestLocation":"Sioux Falls, SD","GuestReview":"This trip exceeded my expectations&#8212;and I had fairly high expectations. Our guide and the itinerary design were excellent."},{"GuestNames":"Vicki V.","GuestLocation":"Baltimore, MD","GuestReview":"This was such a fabulous trip in such a beautiful country. I loved the exercise and I loved so many of the cultural events&#8212;visiting the artist, the brewery, the old farmhouses, the churches, Oliver's boat trip. It was just great."}],"Extensions":[{}],"SimilarTrips":[{"TripID":10420,"SimilarTripID":10351,"Trip_Code":"NORWAY","Trip_Name":"Hiking in Norway's Fjord Country"},{"TripID":10420,"SimilarTripID":10380,"Trip_Code":"LOFOTEN","Trip_Name":"Hiking Norway's Lofoten Islands and Beyond"},{"TripID":10420,"SimilarTripID":10491,"Trip_Code":"ALESUND","Trip_Name":"Hiking Norway: Alesund and the Sunnmore Alps"},{"TripID":10420,"SimilarTripID":10424,"Trip_Code":"ICEGREEN","Trip_Name":"Hiking the Fjords of Greenland and Iceland"}],"Specialists":[{}],"TripSegments":[{"VendorID":73665,"ProductID":85097,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Activity","Vendor":"T&aelig;nastan v\/Helgu Nordendal","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Meal","Day":1,"Sequence":0,"Duration":1,"PropertyDescription":"","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":73676,"ProductID":85108,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Activity","Vendor":"Heimabl&iacute;dni: Anna & \u00d3li Rubeksen","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Meal","Day":1,"Sequence":0,"Duration":1,"PropertyDescription":"","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":11,"ProductID":54,"SelectType":"Optional","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Single Supplement","Vendor":"Wilderness Travel","Address1":"1102 Ninth Street","Address2":"","City":"Berkeley","State":"CA","Postal":"94710","Product":"Single Supplement","Day":1,"Sequence":2,"Duration":1,"PropertyDescription":"","ItinBlock":"

<\/p>","VendorPhoto":"","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":72073,"ProductID":81901,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Accommodation","Vendor":"Hotel V&aacute;gar","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"Sorvagur, Faroe Islands","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Standard Room","Day":1,"Sequence":10,"Duration":2,"PropertyDescription":"

Set on the edge of S&oslash;rv&aacute;gur city and surrounded by the intense greens of the hills, Hotel V&aacute;gar is the ideal introduction to the remote Faroe Islands. Just a two-minutes&#39; walk along a gravel path from the only airport on the islands, the hotel has simple yet comfortable rooms with wooden floors, free WiFi, satellite TV, and there&#39;s a welcoming bar where you can enjoy a drink and watch the fog roll in. And with only 12 flights per day, the planes are never a nuisance, but more of an event. If you have time, enjoy a round at the mini golf course on the hotel&#39;s property.<\/p>","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/10-hotel-vagar-double-bedroom.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":72073,"ProductID":84816,"SelectType":"Optional","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Extra Hotel Night","Vendor":"Hotel V&aacute;gar","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"Sorvagur, Faroe Islands","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Pre-Trip Extra Services: Hotel V&aacute;gar (DATES, 1 night)","Day":1,"Sequence":20,"Duration":1,"PropertyDescription":"

Set on the edge of S&oslash;rv&aacute;gur city and surrounded by the intense greens of the hills, Hotel V&aacute;gar is the ideal introduction to the remote Faroe Islands. Just a two-minutes&#39; walk along a gravel path from the only airport on the islands, the hotel has simple yet comfortable rooms with wooden floors, free WiFi, satellite TV, and there&#39;s a welcoming bar where you can enjoy a drink and watch the fog roll in. And with only 12 flights per day, the planes are never a nuisance, but more of an event. If you have time, enjoy a round at the mini golf course on the hotel&#39;s property.<\/p>","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/10-hotel-vagar-double-bedroom.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":72074,"ProductID":81902,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Accommodation","Vendor":"Gj&aacute;argar&eth;ur Guesthouse","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"Gj&oacute;gv, Faroe Islands","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Standard Room","Day":3,"Sequence":10,"Duration":3,"PropertyDescription":"

Blending into its natural surroundings, the Gj&aacute;argar&eth;ur Guesthouse in the delightful village of Gj&oacute;gv is a welcoming and authentic Faroese stay. With its grass roof, welcoming staff, and wood-paneled lobby, you&#39;ll feel as if you&#39;re staying with a local family. Rooms are quaint, with en suite bathrooms and views of the hills and Gj&oacute;gv. Relax with a cup of coffee in the caf&eacute; and enjoy the convenience of its perfect location for our hikes up the surrounding hill of Fjalli.<\/p>","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/10-gjaargarour-guesthouse-exterior-landscape.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":73688,"ProductID":85124,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Activity","Vendor":"Gar&eth;ah&uacute;si&eth;","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"S&oslash;ldarfj&oslash;r&eth;ur","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Meal","Day":5,"Sequence":0,"Duration":1,"PropertyDescription":"","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":72075,"ProductID":81903,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Accommodation","Vendor":"Hotel Hafnia","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"T&oacute;rshavn, Faroe Islands","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Standard Room","Day":6,"Sequence":10,"Duration":2,"PropertyDescription":"

Located in the heart of T&oacute;rshavn city&mdash;the smallest capital city in Europe&mdash;Hotel Hafnia is just a few minutes&#39; walk from the some of the city sights and the lively marina where you can watch fishermen sell their day&#39;s catch. The guestrooms are small and simple, but have comfortable twin size beds, satellite TVs, hairdryers, and WiFi.&nbsp; After wandering through T&oacute;rshavn, be sure to warm up at the hotel&#39;s Kafe Kaspar with a cup of tea (or a glass of Faroe schnapps), enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the area.<\/p>","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/10-hotel-hafnia-double-bedroom.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":73055,"ProductID":82883,"SelectType":"Operational","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Accommodation","Vendor":"Hotel Brandan","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"T&oacute;rshavn, Faroe Islands","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Standard Room","Day":6,"Sequence":11,"Duration":2,"PropertyDescription":"

Noted for its eco-friendly policies (it received the Green Key certification in 2020), the Hotel Brandan is located just a few minutes' walk from T&oacute;rshavn's town square. Both the public spaces and the well-appointed guest rooms are decorated by the striking artwork of Faroese artist Edward Fuglo. Amenities include a fitness center, sauna, and hot tub.<\/p><\/body>","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/10-hotel-brandon-double-bedroom.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false},{"VendorID":72073,"ProductID":84816,"SelectType":"Optional","ChoiceGroup":0,"ProductType":"Extra Hotel Night","Vendor":"Hotel V&aacute;gar","Address1":"","Address2":"","City":"Sorvagur, Faroe Islands","State":"","Postal":"","Product":"Post-Trip Extra Services: Hotel V&aacute;gar (DATES, 1 night)","Day":8,"Sequence":20,"Duration":1,"PropertyDescription":"

Set on the edge of S&oslash;rv&aacute;gur city and surrounded by the intense greens of the hills, Hotel V&aacute;gar is the ideal introduction to the remote Faroe Islands. Just a two-minutes&#39; walk along a gravel path from the only airport on the islands, the hotel has simple yet comfortable rooms with wooden floors, free WiFi, satellite TV, and there&#39;s a welcoming bar where you can enjoy a drink and watch the fog roll in. And with only 12 flights per day, the planes are never a nuisance, but more of an event. If you have time, enjoy a round at the mini golf course on the hotel&#39;s property.<\/p>","ItinBlock":"","VendorPhoto":"http:\/\/\/wildernesstravel\/vendors\/10-hotel-vagar-double-bedroom.jpg","ProductPhoto":"","OnRequest":"Option","Overhead":false,"BookingNotes":"","TicketSession":"","TicketTimeOfDay":"","TicketRound":"","TicketCategory":"","TicketDate":"","TicketLocation":"","NotTicketOnly":false,"Inactive":false}],"CustomFields":{"Custom_Trip_Level_5":"","Custom_Trip_Name_Addendum":"Adventure","Custom_Welcome_Letter_Addendum":"","Custom_Welcome_Email_Send_List":"Extra Service Request Form","Custom_Welcome_Insurance_Intro":"We recommend you purchase a travel protection plan to help protect your travel investment against the unexpected. ","Custom_FI_Optional_Donation_Text":"","Custom_Final_Docs_Letter_Send_List":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_Trip_Sales_Points":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_TP_Trip_Sales_Points":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_Payment_Terms":"In order to confirm your space on this trip, we require a first deposit of $600 per person, which is fully refundable up to 91 days prior to departure.<\/body>","Custom_Sales_Email_-_Region":"","Custom_Sales_Email_-_Region_Sales_Points":"","Custom_Hiking_Poles":"","Custom_Daypack":"","Custom_Vaccination_Card":"","Custom_FB_Packing_Reminders_-_MISC_1":"","Custom_FB_Additional_Notes_-_MISC_1":"

EXPEDITION NOTE:<\/strong> This promises to be a wonderful adventure; however, please note that we will be traveling in areas with a still-developing tourist infrastructure. The journey is designed for those who are adventurous in body and spirit. Keep in mind that the weather on the Faroe Islands can be unpredictable and will be the deciding factor on all hikes and activities. Please bring a spirit of adventure as you travel to this wild and beautiful place!<\/p>","Custom_FB_Additional_Notes_-_MISC_2":"","Custom_Arrival":"

ARRIVING IN S&Oslash;RV\u00c1GUR<\/strong>
Please meet your Trip Leaders at 3:00 pm on Day 1 in the lobby of the Hotel V&aacute;gar. The hotel is located right next to the airport. It is a short 5-minute walk along a gravel path to the left as you exit the airport, or 9-minute walk along the paved road (in map below). You can take a taxi, which will be available right outside of arrivals and the cost should be minimal.

DEPARTING T\u00d3RSHAVN<\/strong>
On Day 8, transfers will be provided to the airport in time for your departing flights. If you are departing on a later date, you will need to coordinate a taxi transfer on your own. The cost will be about $30-40.

If friends or family wish to contact you during the trip, we encourage them to call, text, or email you directly. Another option is to reach you by calling the hotel (please see the enclosed Hotel List). If they are unable to reach you directly, please instruct them to call our office in Berkeley, California, and we will get a message to you as soon as possible. If they need to reach you outside of our office hours, we ask that they reach out to our Trip Leaders (contact information is listed below) and also leave a message with our Berkeley office, so that we can follow up with our team on the ground.<\/p>","Custom_Outfitter_Contacts_Left":"","Custom_Outfitter_Contacts_Right":"","Custom_Valid_Passport_Alternative":"","Custom_Visa":"","Custom_FB_Before_You_Go_-_MISC_1":"","Custom_FB_Before_You_Go_-_MISC_2":"","Custom_Luggage_Requirements":"","Custom_Carry-On":"

CARRY-ON: <\/strong>Valuable or essential items, such as well broken-in hiking boots, camera equipment, binoculars, prescription medications, and a few light hiking layers should be hand carried on your flights to avoid loss or damage, especially while airlines are struggling with summer travel. <\/p>","Custom_name_slug":"faroe-islands-hiking-tour","Custom_Meta_Description":"Enjoy a cultural and hiking adventure in the far-flung Faroe Islands with mountain walks on emerald moorlands, visits to traditional villages and seabird colonies, and overnights in cozy hotels.","Custom_List_Description":"Enjoy a cultural and hiking adventure in the far-flung Faroe Islands with mountain walks on emerald moorlands, visits to traditional villages and seabird colonies, and overnights in cozy hotels.","Custom_Redirect":"","Custom_PJ_-_Best_Months":"","Custom_After_Dates":"","Custom_Trip_Web_Note":"","Custom_Title_Tag":"Faroe Islands Guided Hiking Tour | Wilderness Travel","Custom_Before_Days":"","Custom_After_Days_Header_1":"","Custom_After_Days_Text_1":"","Custom_After_Days_Header_2":"","Custom_After_Days_Text_2":"","Custom_Choosing_Right_Trip_Office_Contact":"","Custom_About_WT_Expeditions":"","Custom_Arrival_-_Sales":"

Suggested Airport:<\/strong> V&aacute;gar Airport (FAE)
Suggested Date &amp; Time:<\/strong> Day 1, by midday

Meeting Place:<\/strong> You will meet your Trip Leader in the lobby of Hotel V&aacute;gar in S&oslash;rv&aacute;gur at 3:00 pm on Day 1. Hotel V&aacute;gar is located right next to the airport. It is a short 5-minute walk to the hotel or you can take a taxi. Taxis are available right outside of arrivals and the cost should be minimal.<\/p>","Custom_Departure_-_Sales":"

Suggested Airport:<\/strong> V&aacute;gar Airport (FAE)
Suggested Date &amp; Time:<\/strong> Day 8, anytime

On Day 8, your Trip Leader will arrange airport taxis from Hotel Brandan.<\/p>","Custom_International_Air_Travel":"

Trip members are responsible for making your own arrangements for flights to and from S&oslash;rv&aacute;gur. Travel to the Faroe Islands from the US is primarily routed through Copenhagen, with daily flights available on Atlantic Airways and Scandinavian Airlines. Atlantic Airways also offers weekly flights to the Faroe Islands from Reykjav&iacute;k, Edinburgh, Paris, and Bergen.

Atlantic Airways<\/strong><\/a>

Scandinavian Airlines<\/strong><\/a>

There are many online consolidators for booking travel, but for more personal help arranging air transport, you can contact Exito Travel at 1-800-655-4053 in the US or 1-800-670-2605 in Canada. They are very adept at putting flight itineraries together, to even the most far-flung places. More information can be found on Exito's website at<\/a>.

Depending on your routing, it is necessary to depart from the US one or possibly two days prior to Day 1 of the trip itinerary. The name on your airline ticket must match the name on your passport exactly, and your passport must be valid for at least six months after your date of return to the US.

Please do not purchase your tickets until you are confirmed on the trip.<\/strong> Once your tickets have been purchased, please send us a copy of your airline schedule. It is your responsibility to ensure your flight times coordinate with the arrival and departure logistics for this trip.<\/p>","Custom_Extra_Hotel_Nights":"","Custom_Recommended_Hotels":"","Custom_A_and_D_Misc_-_Header_1":"","Custom_A_and_D_Misc_-_Text_1":"","Custom_A_and_D_Misc_-_Header_2":"","Custom_A_and_D_Misc_-_Text_2":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_1":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_1":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_2":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_2":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_3":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_3":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_4":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_4":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Header_5":"","Custom_FAQ_-_Text_5":"","Custom_Passport":"","Custom_Visas_and_Entry_Notes":"","Custom_Money":"","Custom_Tipping":"","Custom_Food":"","Custom_Communications":"","Custom_Electricity":"","Custom_Laundry":"","Custom_Ship_Notes":"","Custom_Inoculations":"","Custom_International_Health":"","Custom_Malaria_Prevention":"","Custom_Staying_Healthy":"","Custom_Getting_In_Shape":"","Custom_Medical_Care":"","Custom_Altitude_Considerations":"","Custom_Reading_List":"","Custom_Photography":"","Custom_Cultural_Considerations":"","Custom_Giving_Back":"","Custom_Enviromental_Concerns":"","Custom_Shopping_and_Souvenirs":"","Custom_Seasickness":"","Custom_Explore":"","Custom_Additional_Information":"","Custom_Essentials":"","Custom_Luggage":"","Custom_Clothing":"","Custom_Hiking_Boots":"","Custom_Equipment":"","Custom_Personal_First_Aid":"","Custom_Optional_Items":"","Custom_Also_Recommended":"","Custom_Prohibited_Items":"","Custom_When_to_Go":"","Custom_Children":"","Custom_Tag_Line":"Journey to Europe's Best-Kept Secret<\/body>","Custom_Lodging":"7 nights hotels and guesthouses","Custom_Meals":"All meals included except 1 dinner","Custom_Activity":"","Custom_Difficulty":"6 hiking days on moderate to strenuous trails, some steep sections, 2-4 hours most days","Custom_Currency_Exchange_Rate":"","Custom_Fuel_Surcharge":"","Custom_Signing_Up_For_a_Trip_-_Email":"","Custom_Optional_Hotel_Upgrades_-_This_Year":"","Custom_Optional_Hotel_Upgrades_-_Next_Year":"","Custom_What_the_Trip_is_Like":"This trip is rated 四级,艰苦的,<\/strong> according to our trip grading system. You will need to be comfortable hiking 4.5 miles a day, being on your feet for up to 5 hours a day, and hiking on uneven surfaces including downhill over loose rocks. You will need to be able to keep up with the moderate but steady pace of the group as there are no alternative hiking options available. Trail conditions, weather, and the group's level of fitness can affect hiking times and pacing.&nbsp;

Average Hiking Day <\/strong>